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Western Rotating Equipment Solutions, or WRES Ltd. In short, was created in 2015 by Joe Tschanz of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, at a time when the local economy fell into a recession with a severity not seen in decades. Hardest hit was the the oil & gas industry, with commodity prices so low, many companies operated at a loss.    


Corporations went into survival mode, looking to implement cost cutting measures to allow them to continue their operations. WRES Ltd. entered the market with the mission to provide industry with sensible cost saving solutions and this idea was well received.


Increased reliability and improved operational safety on rotating equipment can be achieved.  One way to accomplish that goal is by upgrading equipment components during repairs and this has been the main focus of the company.  


Mechanical seal supply and re-conditioning was in such high demand, that over time the main focus of the company shifted in that direction.  Tight economic conditions dictate that energy companies no longer keep large spare parts inventories, and they are looking at ways to reduce costs by repairing, rather than replacing parts or machines whenever possible.   

Our solution is simple, we stock both reconditioned and new seals with installation kits and tools for the most common screw type gas and refrigeration compressors, ready to ship at a moments notice.  We support the industry through their network of preferred service, repair and parts vendors. The company does not sell directly to end users.


With this seal exchange program, WRES Ltd. ships a reconditioned seal and the customer will return the old seal core within about two weeks.  That seal will then be repaired and cycled back into inventory. During the process of repair, in some cases we actually replace worn components with better suitable materials to improve a seal’s life cycle.  


Immediate delivery on a remanufactured seal with installation kit, at a significantly reduced cost over OEM supply, along with the environmentally friendly concept of recycling have made this program a success. 


Some customers prefer to have their own seal reconditioned and or upgraded and of course we perform such repairs to all types of Mechanical Seals.  We also supply new seals for liquid pumps, mixers, air & gas compressors, blowers and vacuum pumps.


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